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  • EarTouch: Facilitating Smartphone Use for Visually Impaired People in Mobile and Public Scenarios

    (CHI ’19)Ruolin Wang, Chun Yu, Xing-Dong Yang, Weijie He, Yuanchun Shi
    Interacting with a smartphone using touch input and speech output is challenging for blind and visually impaired people in mobile and public scenarios, where only one hand may be available for input ( e.g., while holding a cane ) and using the loud speaker for speech output is constrained by environmental noise, privacy, and social concerns. To address these issues, we propose EarTouch, a one-handed interaction technique that allows users to interact with a smartphone using the ear to tap or draw gestures on the touchscreen and hear the speech output played via the ear speaker privately. In a broader sense, EarTouch brings us an important step closer to accessible smartphones for all users of all abilities.

  • “I Bought This for Me to Look More Ordinary”: A Study of Blind People Doing Online Shopping

    (CHI ’19)Guanhong Liu, Xianghua Ding, Chun Yu, Lan Gao, Xingyu Chi, Yuanchun Shi
    Blind people’s desire of being treated as ordinary had significantly shaped their online shopping practices: very attentive to the visual appearance of the goods even they could not see and taking great pain to find and learn what commodities are visually appropriate for them.