Featured News

  • Big success in GIX Innovation Competition

    The Global Innovation eXchange (GIX) held the final round and awards ceremony for the first annual competition emphasized projects for Connected Devices in Beijing. Three teams and eight students – including both graduates and undergraduates – from PCG took part in this competition and won remarkable 1st and 3rd prize in this keen international competition. The 1st prize team, Yukang Yan, Zhican Yang, and Yizheng Gu, won the first prize. Besides, The thrid prize team, Yinshuai Zhang and Xin Yi, two students from our group created an app to record, edit and share 3D audio with only a normal smartphone.


Latest Research

  • BlindType: Eyes-Free Text Entry on Handheld Touchpad by Leveraging Thumb’s Muscle Memory

    (UbiComp ’17) Yiqin Lu, Chun Yu, Xin Yi, Yuanchun Shi
    Eyes-free input is desirable for ubiquitous computing, since interacting with mobile and wearable devices often competes for visual attention with other devices and tasks. In this paper, we explore eyes-free typing on a touchpad using one thumb, wherein a user taps on an imaginary QWERTY keyboard while receiving text feedback on a separate screen.

  • Is it too small?: Investigating the performances and preferences of users when typing on tiny QWERTY keyboards

    (IJHCS ’17) Xin Yi, Chun Yu, Weinan Shi, Yuanchun Shi
    Typing on tiny QWERTY keyboards on smartwatches is considered challenging or even impractical due to the limited screen space. In this paper, we describe three user studies undertaken to investigate users’ typing abilities and preferences on tiny QWERTY keyboards.