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  • “I Bought This for Me to Look More Ordinary”: A Study of Blind People Doing Online Shopping

    (CHI ’19)Guanhong Liu, Xianghua Ding, Chun Yu, Lan Gao, Xingyu Chi, Yuanchun Shi
    Blind people’s desire of being treated as ordinary had significantly shaped their online shopping practices: very attentive to the visual appearance of the goods even they could not see and taking great pain to find and learn what commodities are visually appropriate for them.

  • Typing on Split Keyboards with Peripheral Vision

    (CHI ’19) Yiqin Lu, Chun Yu, Shuyi Fan, Xiaojun Bi, Yuanchun Shi
    Typing on a split keyboard often requires eye movement and attention switching, which slows users down and increases fatigue. We explore peripheral typing, where a user focuses her visual attention on the output text and keeps the split keyboard in peripheral vision. Our results showed peripheral typing reduced attention switching, enhanced user experience and increased overall performance (27 WPM, 28% faster) over the typical typing mode.