THU’s 36th Challenge Cup: HCI Group got the special award for three consecutive years

Jul 09th, 2018

During the 107th anniversary foundation of Tsinghua University, the 36th “Challenge Cup” College Student Curricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition brought to a successful close, Department of Computer Science and Technology won the first prize.

The HCI proup made great achievements in this competition, including a special prize and a second prize. The special prize was awarded to the study of “Academic Writing Assistant for Non-Native English Speakers” (Mingyuan Zhong,Jiayue Fan,Minyi Liu,Qi Meng,Yeshuang Zhu,Xiaofei Zhou), and the second prize was awarded to “Haptic Interface for visually impaired smartphone users” (Weijie He,Lihang Pan,Ruolin Wang,Guanhong Liu,Xinghui Yan,Yinshuai Zhang).

“Academic Writing Assistant for Non-Native English Speakers” is an academic English writing assistant system, which is an upgraded version of the widely applauded ESLWriter system. It allows non-native writers to search for the most authentic expressions with English keywords directly. Powered by innovative AI technology, it highlights the functionality of collocation query and semantic query, which enables a more natural way for users to express their needs.“Haptic Interface for visually impaired smart phone users” is a haptic interaction system for visually impaired smart phones users. The core of the system is a tactile film-based haptic interface, which is characterized by low cost, versatility, and intelligence. The tactile film provides stable and rich tactile feedback, assists in touch positioning, and improves interaction efficiency. This system starts from the needs of the visually impaired and is easy to promote.

Remarkably, it is the three consecutive years for the PCG lab winning the special award in “Challenge Cup”! And these achievements show the spirits of challenging and teamwork of the PCG lab members.