PCG won the special-class prize in “Challenge Cup” in the second successive year

May 18th, 2017

During the 106th anniversary foundation of Tsinghua University, the 35th “Challenge Cup” College Student Curricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition brought to a successful close, department of computer science and technology won the first prize.

The PCG lab made significant contributions in this competition, including a special-class award and two 2nd prizes. They are: the special-class award “Low-cost wristband for hand gesture recognition – LeapWrist” (Lihang Pan, Xuhan Xu, Jiayin Li, Yizheng Gu, Zhican Yang, Yukang Yan); the second prize “A system for interior design – Hololand” (Yuan Yao, Mingyuan Zhong, Tiancheng Shen, Zhihuang Zhang, Yuyan Xia); the second prize “Intelligent assistant for language study – BabblAr” (Xingyu Pan, Minyi Liu, Lie Xie, Wenzhe Zhang). It was the second successive year for the PCG lab to win the special-class prize in “Challenge Cup”!

“Low-cost wristband for hand gesture recognition – LeapWrist” is a hand gesture recognizing band wrist based on computer vision. This work creatively fix the hand gesture recognition device on user’s wrist, which make the product wearable. LeapWrist has many advantages such as low-cost, high-speed, high-accuracy and so on.